EFI System MonitorElectronic Fuel Injection System Monitor (EFISM)

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    Constant awarness of your fuel status is fundamental to safe flying. With electronic fuel injected engines, the Electronic Fuel Injection System Monitor (EFISM) provides timely information on basic fuel factors: Fuel Flow, Fuel Used, Fuel Remaining Air/Fuel Ratio and Time Remaining as well as establish alarm levels to provide notification.  The monitor does not require expensive Fuel Flow tranducers to provide this information nor any connection to the fuel plumbing.

    "Ed's EFI companion is a must-have that really rounded out my installation. It allowed me to finally fine tune my mixture map, dramatically improving the smoothness at idle. It has also helped me balance my injectors better than ever before. The fuel totalizer is the icing on the cake that, along with its many features, has allowed me to fly longer distances with greater confidence and always be on top of my fuel usage and reserves. Thanks for a great product Ed!" -Dave Leonard, Turbo Rotary RV-6

    "Anyone trying to tune up Tracy's EC2 without either having an EM2/3 or Ed Anderson's EFISM, you're wasting your time. I spent the better part of a year tweaking the MAP table and thought I had it pretty well done. On my first flight I spent a fair amount of time fiddling with mixtures and had a couple of rough running spots. I installed Ed's EFISM and spent 2 days tweaking. In the process I got the engine running smoother than it ever has and now have it idling nicely at 1350 RPM. Thats 300 RPM lower than I was ever able to get it previously. In my opinion you really HAVE to have some sort of indication of what is loaded in the MAP table to effectively tune it." Mike Wills - Rotary Powered RV-4

    " I whole-heartedly agree!! I installed ED’s EFISM last night and was anxious to see my MCT – let’s just say it was a mess. There were a few points, mostly around the staging area, where I could see that some tuning had taken place; however, there were several locations with wild swings from one bin to the next. These wild variations appeared in the middle of the high rpm band where the engine has spent very little time, as I’m usually near idle or WOT – but man it sure is nice to actually see what’s going on. Jeff

    Note: See example of one customer's fuel Map before he employed the EFISM to fix it - at bottom of page entitled "EC2 Interface Screens"